Occupational TherapySpeech & Language Therapy

We have seen Andy for over three years. He has been diagnosed with autism and is non-verbal. When we first met him, he had no clear system of communication although his family had tried multiple routes with minimal success.

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The therapists at Family Tree are the best! They truly honor the child and provide incredible support and resources for parents. My son looks forward to going every week and I can't imagine my life without this place…

J. Swift • Parent of Child with Autism

Stacy and Terri have been a part of our lives for over 4 years. They have been a support to, not only our son, diagnosed with autism, but to me as a person.

Parent of Child with Autism

Nolan’s progress has been remarkable. Whether the obstacle stems from being a preemie or from Down syndrome, Family Tree Therapies helped us to better understand our situation. They’ve empowered us with what we need to overcome and help Nolan to hurdle those obstacles, without reservation.

Tiffany & Ryan Erickson


Feeding TherapyOccupational TherapySpeech & Language Therapy

Nolan began speech/feeding therapy along with occupational therapy at 8 weeks old. Utilizing reflex integration, facial patterning for sucking and swallowing reflexes and addressing instability in his body and oral motor musculature, he made tremendous gains quickly.

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Occupational TherapyParent CoachingSpeech & Language Therapy

Ben, a former student with Autism at Family Tree has recently started college courses and is enjoying success in computer sciences.

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Parent Coaching

When first seeing Michelle, age 11, it was clear that she was anxious, felt very insecure and troubled by what one would consider typical adolescent feelings.

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Occupational TherapySpeech & Language Therapy

We began seeing Luke when he was approximately 3 years old. He was diagnosed with autism at that time. He has always had a significant dyspraxia that has prevented his body from doing what it needs/wants and for his speech to be limited…

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