Power struggles? Arguing? Behavior concerns? We can help.

Communication with your child should evolve as they grow.  We must continue to develop healthy relationships, based on mutual respect. This will lead to less power struggles and less arguing.  It will create more open communication and more love. We understand that at each stage in your child’s development new challenges, new issues, and new ideas begin to arise.  Subtle shift in your communication style can have a huge impact on behavior and regulation.  We provide communication tips and strategies to address the underlying concerns behind the behavior during all of our therapy.  We know that hearing things more than once is very helpful.  So, we created an online Communicating with Confidence Parenting course.  The course is filled with videos you can watch or listen as well as handouts for you to download and practice.

We'll work on these skills:

  • Understanding that all behavior is communication and how to decode your child's behavior.
  • Teaching parents direct, respectful communication skills that will help their child regulate their emotions, be cooperative and improve their communication.
  • Empowering families to work together, heal relationships and find solutions together

Therapy can benefit kids with:

  • "Oppositional Defiant Disorder"
  • Behavioral or Emotional challenges
  • Struggles with siblings
  • Disconnection from family or peers

It can benefit parents with:

  • Stress in the home
  • Discipline questions/battles
  • New ways to find cooperation and respect among family members
  • Reasonable solutions that help them to reduce anger and arguments

Our Parent Communication Training offers direct communication solutions to help reconnect families who are feeling powerless, disconnected or stressed on their parenting journey. Parents feel empowered when learning a communication style that offers connection, understanding and respect for themselves and their children. We work with families on an individual basis.  We can also provide more tailored workshops for preschoolers, school-age, tweens and teenagers.

Do you have questions regarding your child’s development? Have you shared your concerns with your doctor and not sure of your next steps? We get it.
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