1. Contact Family Tree Therapies. Fill out our contact card so that we may find the therapist that will fit your needs. Our office will contact you, discuss your situation, and set up a time for an evaluation.
  2. Download and complete the new client forms before coming in for an evaluation.
  3. Come in for an evaluation. During the evaluation we will meet with the family, observe the child playing, discuss pertinent medical and developmental history, give diagnostic testing (if applicable) and discuss initial impressions. We will provide a written evaluation which will include recommendations along with discussing suggestions for a treatment program.
  4. Start therapy. We’ll work with you to schedule therapy sessions when they work best for you and your family.
  5. Get re-evaluated. At predetermined intervals throughout therapy, we will do a reevaluation so we can track the growth.

Do you have questions regarding your child’s development? Have you shared your concerns with your doctor and not sure of your next steps? We get it.
Let us help you get started.

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