At Family Tree Therapies, we use a foundational approach to feeding that works with the total child.

We address the issue using a variety of efficient therapy protocols. These protocols are based on the knowledge of cranial innervation to facial musculature, understanding stability of articulators and their coordinating movement patterns along with bridging feeding skills to clear articulation. We offer support and strategies to help reduce anxiety around eating and that increase a safe and happy emotional response to food.

We address the physical challenges of oral management of the food, safe timely swallow response and increasing jaw, lip and tongue stability to accept multiple textures safely. Our therapy methods have been very successful in helping children with a range of diagnoses including Down Syndrome (see important article here), Autism, CP, food anxiety or picky eating/behavioral feeding challenges. We address the underlying foundation and continuously investigate why these children are not eating or having challenges and create a unique plan for your child.

We utilize a team approach with Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy. Working on the foundational skills for eating and drinking safely also requires working on the foundational stability and postural support within the body. Combining these two specialties is extremely powerful for lasting change.

Check out our Picky Eating and Mealtime Suggestions Podcast to learn more and download our Picky Eating Handout for suggestions!


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