Not just for kids!  We provide speech and occupational therapy services for adults too. 

As adults, we have a lifetime of experiences!  These experiences may result in lingering sensory processing issues, chronic pain, an injury or trauma.   Our team of occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists will help determine root causes of your functional concerns.  We will provide you education for understanding, hands on direct therapy, and a home program. 

Therapy can benefit adults with:

  • Sensory Processing challenges
  • Recovery after an accident or injury
  • Trauma
  • Mouth or noisy breathing
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • Back, neck, or arm pain
  • Swallowing challenges
  • Dysfluency or stuttering
  • Voice disorders
  • Food aversions

We'll work on these skills:

  • Development of proper motor patterns
  • Sensory Integration
  • Environmental modifications and strategies
  • Improving strength and range of motion
  • Reflex Integration
  • Myofunctional patterns
  • Nasal breathing patterns
  • Vocal resonance

You deserve the best level of care so you can function as your best self.

Do you have questions regarding your child’s development? Have you shared your concerns with your doctor and not sure of your next steps? We get it.
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