When first seeing Michelle, age 11, it was clear that she was anxious, felt very insecure and troubled by what one would consider typical adolescent feelings. She would be ambivalent in situations, act defensively, look to place blame and be quick to argue.

We spent about 4 sessions together talking about what it took to empower her, how she felt, what she needed. We applied Positive Discipline principles in figuring out how to make her feel self-reliant and in control. We also met with her parents individually to discuss their concerns, their parenting styles and figure out the best plan as a family.

By improving her organization, teaching affirmations, and implementing a family meeting outline at home, Michelle and her family reported great successes in areas that used to feel out of control and she now enjoys a much improved relationship with her parents… as they enjoy a much less stressful home.

Bringing my daughter to see Stacy has changed my world completely! I feel like I have a happier child, which allows the whole family to be happier.

Michelle has ADHD and anxiety.  We tried so many different things, she’s been to a physcologist and a psychiatrist, but nothing ever helped.  She didn’t connect well with the other Doctors. But she trusted and LOVED Stacy from the first appointment. Instead of the dread she used to have before going to the Doctor, she’s actually excited. She’s taught Michelle so many different skills from being more organized to using her voice. Instead of saying, “I don’t care” or “it doesn’t matter”, she now says what she wants. In staying organized and using her voice she has now gotten her confidence back!!

Not only has she worked with Michelle beautifully, but she has also worked with my husband and I. We struggled a lot with our parenting-we differed a lot. I tried to stay calm and not react to Michelle’s outbursts, where Darren would argue back.  We learned that arguing back with a tween, who has ADHD did not work out very well. She taught us skills in dealing with outbursts. And I was always trying to do everything for Michelle (helicopter mom), where Darren was trying to give her more power. Stacy helped me realize how important it was for Michelle to start doing things for herself. Making her own choices, and maybe sometimes not making the right decision, but learning from her own mistakes. We also having weekly family meetings now, which Stacy had suggested, and they work out awesome. We make it a lot of fun and it helps keep us all on the same page. Thanks Stacy!!  My life would not be the same without you!

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