We have seen Andy for over three years. He has been diagnosed with autism and is non-verbal.

When we first met him, he had no clear system of communication although his family had tried multiple routes with minimal success. Within a couple of sessions, we began to see his capabilities of using a keyboard with assistance and is now working toward independence both at home and school.

Stacy and Terri have been a part of our lives for over 4 years. They have been a support to, not only our son, diagnosed with autism, but to me as a person. Stacy and Terri have helped us cope with the struggles that happen with raising a special needs child. They have introduced research, provided insight and information and most of all, given us the support and encouragement we need to continue the battle for our son.

They do not give up, exploring the best possible avenues to help my son communicate and use his body more effectively. They believe in their clients as individuals and have helped me in this journey—to not question or assume anything about my son’s emotions, movements or actions. This has helped him and our whole family tremendously!

Terri and Stacy bring us something we can never pay for; they bring us hope. Both of these therapists are well known in the professional community and community of parents with special needs. They are described as excellent therapists. And that is because, they are.

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