We believe that to be able to make changes, families need to first understand the underlying basis for the challenges. Our focus is on helping your child bridge the gap between his current performance and his potential. Therapy is about finding out why those gaps exist, understanding their root and finding the right solution for your family and each individual child.

We put together a picture of your child, both their strengths and their challenges, so that we may work to find the best fit for their personal growth. Each child is different, and we strive to find an explanation, a solution, that serves to empower families. We will determine which therapy, or combination of therapies, will be most beneficial. Based on your child’s needs and personal goals, we will create an individualized therapy program.

The more understanding we have, the more we can begin to make changes based on that understanding, instead of making incorrect assumptions, or presuming it is a "behavior." We seek to figure out what the body and brain are telling us and how can we use that information to make a plan for progress.