Additional Services


Working together with a peer is a great way to increase the demand from 1:1 individual therapy with a therapist only. We focus on shared social problem solving, understanding perspective, initiating and maintaining conversations and friendships. Often, in individual therapy we work through these things and provide a foundation of support. Once we move to working with a peer (there are two therapists present) we can increase the demand while still facilitating those skills we learned in individual treatment.

Small Groups

We offer small groups for children with language and sensory issues. Mirroring what they may see in a classroom and working through following a visual schedule, following a routine, shared social problem solving and improving language through interaction and direction following. These small groups are generally 4-6 children, led by two therapists.

IEP Consultations

We are available to accompany you to your child's IEP to provide support for your current therapy plan, recommendations and further collaboration with your school system.

School Observations

We are available to go to your child's school and observe during specific periods of time. These observations help us to more fully understand the demands of the school day, make our individual therapy more focused and collaborate with your child's teacher (offer suggestions, answer questions) that will help your child be more successful in school.

Educational Inservices

We offer a variety of educational inservices that welcome parents, educators, pediatricians, therapists, etc. The topics vary from Tummy Time, language strategies, Positive Discipline, and various professional trainings and topics.