Helping families and individuals reach their greatest potential.

Family Tree Therapies is a multidisciplinary therapy clinic specializing in occupational and speech-language therapy.


Underlying factors contributing to the concerns and behaviors at hand.


How these factors impact language, learning, play, and friendships.


Your family with tools and strategies for overcoming such factors.


Family Tree Therapies takes a systems approach to wellness. There are a range of factors that can manifest in seemingly unrelated issues that can affect development and behavior. We identify these factors and help you understand how they impact overall daily functioning and provide you with specific tools and strategies to help.

From children with autism, to those needing extra help in school, to those struggling with coordination, our experts address a wide spectrum of needs.


Reflexes: The Foundation

A reflex's primary job is to establish a sense of safety and protection within the body. Family Tree Therapies uses an approach to help integrate reflexes that anchors the body's foundation of safety and protection and therefore the higher level skills of sensory processing, speech and communication, fine motor skills, praxis and social skills are free to develop as they should. This approach is appropriate across all ages from premature infants to elderly people who have had strokes.

Check out our blog to learn more about reflexes in the body and here to learn about speech and swallowing development and how we address it at Family Tree!