In this episode, join Stacy and Terri as they talk with the Director of Education at Buteyko Clinic International, Patrick McKeown. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, a Member of the Physiological Society (UK), a Member of Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences, and a Fellow of the International Academy of Breathing and Health. He is an educator and author of several books, including his latest “The Breathing Cure” which is a compilation of his exercises and explanations of how many ailments can be traced back to the breath. We are honored to share Patrick’s voice today as we acknowledge that his work truly is a matter of life and death.

You can find links to articles, Patricks books and products as well as the You Tube link for the podcast below:

The collection of his work on Amazon

Buteyko Clinic International 

Pediatric Sleep Disorders and Special Educational Need at 8 Years. Bonuck 2012

Nasal breathing ulitimate goal craniofacial. Guillimenault 2017

Bhattacharjee children sleep

Death, nasomaxillary complex sleep children. Guilleminault 2012

Patrick’s myotape to enhance nasal breathing

You Tube video of the podcast

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