Meet Debra Beckman! Where should we start with Debra and all of the amazing work she has done and the many contributions to the field of speech pathology. She joins Stacy & Terri today to discuss her work, how it began and how she continues it. She has worked across the lifespan from birth to 99 and has implemented her own protocol to aid babies through adults with improving their oral facial muscle function for improved speech and swallowing. She is a pioneer in the field, writing books, lecturing, teaching and holding patents on special tools that help therapists each day in their work. We are honored to have Debra for a conversation about her work, how to best help parents, what to look for in a therapist, the importance of breastfeeding and more! Join us in the conversation and see the link to all of her work below!

All of Debra’s incredible information and products are available by clicking here!

You Tube link to the video of this podcast


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