Is there something that as a parent, you have always noticed was “different” about your child? Is something hard for them that you see other children their age seemingly doing with ease? Have you asked your pediatrician or teacher and only been told to “wait” and it will get better, or offered short term solutions, or perhaps medication?

Many of these concerns are related to other factors in your child’s life. We focus on the identifying gaps between your child’s current performance and his or her potential. When we understand the root cause behind this gaps, we can find the right solution for your family. There is a basis to our development, and we need to work on that foundation in order to make the child become whole and successful. Skipping or ignoring a core skill that was not developed will not assist in developing those that naturally come later.

It is very important that you seek assistance as soon as you are noticing differences. It is never too early to get the proper information and guidance. From the day we are born, we are integrating reflexes, developing our gross and fine motor skills, becoming communicators, using our oral motor structures for feeding and developing our “speech” muscles. We are growing healthy and strong and need to be concerned with nutrition, which foods to introduce and which to avoid if demonstrating intolerance or sensitivities to food or formula.

Follow your instincts, use your judgment, trust yourself—it is the right decision. You will either learn that all is well and your child is developing typically, or you will have found the right place to start your journey to an improved life for your child and family.

Do you have questions regarding your child’s development? Have you shared your concerns with your doctor and not sure of your next steps? We get it.
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