Our eyes and ears are the brain’s window to the world! Our eyes see the wide variety of the outside world – light, objects, depth, movement, color and texture. The visual system affects the work of other systems and proprioception, taking part in determination of distance and position of our body and other objects in space.

Our auditory system allows us to hear the variety of sounds of nature and human voices, our own speech, volume, timbre, rhythm and pitch of all these. It allows for distinguishing between noise and silence, continous sound and pause, and so on. The auditory system works also with other sensory systems and proprioception for space orientation and finding the source of the sound and its distance in space.

Both systems work on two basic levels: 1. Primary motor patterns and reflexes (back brain response), and 2. Learned skills and abilities (high brain functions).

Poor development and maturation or delay of the primary functions and reflexes will negatively affect the formation of visual and auditory skills and abilities that are essential for learning.

The Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI) program works to support the development of natural, primary resources of the visual and auditory systems of children and adults for their successful learning and growth.

Vision and hearing should always be checked by a qualified professional, however, even with acceptable vision and hearing tests or screenings, other issues of hearing and visual perception may exist. These can have an impact on physical, social and academic performance, lead to sensitivity to bright lights or result in becoming overwhelmed in busy environments. Distortions in seeing can lead to a lack of visual clarity, difficulties in academic performance such as reading, or differences in depth or distance perception.

Distortions in hearing may be manifested by the need to hear things repeatedly, errors in what we think we hear, difficulties in speech or language or in interpreting verbal cues.

The Visual and Auditory Reflex Integration program by Dr. Svetlana Masgutova has been created to address the following challenges in children:

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Motor developmental deficits – dysfunctions and delay in movement spheres

Brain injury

Cerebal Palsy

Genetic Disorders



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~ adapted from Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute

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