Children are increasingly being diagnosed with mood disorders, including bipolar disorder and anxiety. These disorders can make it extremely difficult for children to stay regulated across a variety of environments, including school and home, and therefore make it difficult to learn at their greatest potential at school as well as make and sustain meaningful relationships with peers and family members.

They can have challenges identifying how their body is feeling and what environmental triggers are linked with how they are feeling and reacting. Oftentimes there are underlying challenges with sensory processing, motor planning, auditory processing and language comprehension. The most common treatments for these disorders include medications and even language-based, talk therapy. For many, this is not enough.

At Family Tree, our team of occupational therapists and speech therapists integrate many approaches to find the best way to help your child maintain an ideal state of regulation, and therefore be available to learn and play enjoyably with peers. This includes Stanley Greenspan’s Floortime/DIR model and Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking (R) concepts, along side of techniques and strategies to help master any foundational skills needed within the underlying reflexive, sensory, and language realms. Therapy often begins with individual sessions, and as your child progresses, we can also use a small group setting to help with regulation, problem solving, and maintaining friendships with peers.

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