Dyslexia is term which means “difficulty reading.” It’s a learning disability associated with learning the symbols and sounds of our language.

Children with dyslexia have challenges with hearing the sound, analyzing the data, and visualizing what letter that the sound creates. They can have reversals of letters or transpose entire words. Generally, it becomes more concerning if this is occurring past the first grade.

At Family Tree Therapies, we strive to find out the reason behind some of these challenges and at what level is the difficulty occurring. For example, is it a challenge with phonemic awareness? Symbol imagery (visualizing words, or knowing what they look like in your head)? Fluency (rate of reading accurately)? Comprehension? We break down reading into its parts to find the main reason a child is having a barrier to reading. We utilize special educational programming, for our basis in teaching children to analyze sound information, track those sounds in words, visualize and applying meaning to the words they hear.

We work closely with our Occupational Therapists to ensure that neurological reflexes associated with learning are present so that the foundation to focus, attend, and process are in place. OT will also assess visual skills needed for tracking, convergence and divergence.

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