Auditory processing involves how we make sense out of information we receive through our auditory system. Information is gathered and then used based on our ability to analyze the acoustic data (individual sounds), use the sounds we heard to make a word we know, then applying knowledge of the language used in the message, our previous experiences with the situation or the language used, and how we think about what we have heard.

It is a very complex system! Auditory processing is can be misunderstood as merely an “auditory problem.” However, at Family Tree Therapies we work to identify all of the factors that might account for your child having problems processing information they hear. This may include testing of their decoding, acoustic-linguistic and linguistic-based skills individually. Speech and occupational therapy work in conjunction to define the underlying base skill that may be lacking or not integrated that may be affecting your child’s ability to process information, follow directions, focus in school or complete assignments accurately.

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