Children with Asperger’s syndrome, a non-verbal learning disorder or other gray areas of social cognition, often share difficulty in communicating with family and peers.

They may have challenges with reading facial expressions and body language as well as understanding the perspective of another. They have trouble with shared social problem solving and often can have just “one way” to perform a task, ask a question or get something accomplished. Their thinking can appear inflexible or stuck and they may demonstrate a challenge with their emotional regulation and describing their feelings.

At Family Tree Therapies, we integrate many approaches to find the best way to improve these skills within your child. Using Stanley Greenspan’s Floortime/DIR model together with Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking (R) concepts, we utilize an approach that will demonstrate your child’s unique challenges and strengths and improve their ability to engage, relate and maintain friendships. We work individually and in small groups.

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