Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are becoming common diagnoses in our society. Many doctors and educators suggest this diagnosis to families, yet frequently leave them with limited treatment options.

At Family Tree, we understand that many children do present as if they have attention and hyperactivity challenges. However, we work with you to help identify what may actually be at the root of these challenges. For many children, this includes challenges within their sensory systems, postural system and underlying reflexes, which makes it difficult for them to “sit still” and “pay attention.” In addition, children with these diagnoses may have unidentified challenges within their auditory systems, which makes it difficult for them to process the complexity of the language being used in their environment.

Our occupational therapists work together with our speech therapists to ensure that all contributing factors to your child’s attention problems are being addressed, and that you are armed with strategies and exercises to dramatically improve them!

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