Today Stacy and Terri introduce Jessica Crafton, an OT at Family Tree Therapies and her sweet daughter, Nora. Jessica has decided to share Nora’s journey through orthotropic dentistry and we are so so glad she did! We are going to follow Nora so that parents become aware of this VERY important issue – sleep disordered breathing and healthy orofacial growth! Thank you Jessica for sharing your journey as a mom and a therapist so that you can help lead the way for others to feel empowered to manage the health of their child! Be sure to check out the You Tube link to see the pictures referenced in the podcast!

You Tube video of podcast with pictures of Nora 

Dr. O’Rourke website 

Xlear nasal spray 

Tummy Time handout

Birth to 12 checklist for oral motor development 

Parents Magazine Article – Sleep Disordered Breathing 

Safe Pacifier Use Guidelines

Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire

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