We’re excited to check out this new space for kids with immune deficiencies!  The staff at Children’s Healing Center has created a safe, hospital-grade space for kids to play that leaves parents worry-free.

“We provide a safe, clean, interactive place for children coping with cancer, autoimmune disorders, organ transplants and other medical conditions that leave them at greater risk for infection than their peers. Children and their families are welcome at the CHC, which is part after-school club, part fitness center and all kinds of fun!

The Center is a place where children and siblings can meet up with friends at a weekly class, where parents can grab a cup of coffee and connect with other parents and where families can pop in for a few hours of playtime. From group exercise to art classes to reading groups, we have lots fun activities in store for families.”

Check out their website at http://www.childrenshealingcenter.org

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