Therapy Groups

Preschool Language Group

A Speech-Language Therapy group for kids ages 3-5 that focus on learning language through play, books, games, and social interaction! This is appropriate for children with language concerns, language delays, or those in need of facilitated social connection with peers! The groups will be run by two certified speech language pathologists.

Handwriting Help

An Occupational Therapy group for kids ages 6-8 that focuses on the underlying components necessary for legible, efficient handwriting! Activities include exercises to develop postural, shoulder, and hand muscles, and techniques to facilitate proper grasp and vision to direct the hands. The group is run by an occupational therapist and an assistant.

Sensory Language Group

A Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy group for kids ages 4-6 that focuses on the use of movement-based activities and social interactions to foster self-regulation and language! Appropriate for children with sensory processing challenges and language concerns or delays. The group is run by a speech and language pathologist and an occupational therapist.